T-motor and TEAD for the first UAV festival in Japan

Japan YOKOYAMA CORPORATION unmanned aerial vehicle department TEAD have been devoted to the R&D and promotion of unmanned aerial vehicle for a long time. Meanwhile, unmanned aerial vehicle industry has got a great development in the field of ordinary consumers and professional industrial sectors in the Japanese market.At the end of 2014,we had a deep discussion and exchange views with the second best to none motor manufacturers, TIGER MOTOR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD,Nanchang China.Eventually reach a consensus on joint development for the Japanese market.And nominate "TEAD" as a formal agent on behalf of T-motor to strengthen Japanese domestic multirotor motor in sales and after-sales.
Just within a few months, by virtue of excellent quality and perfect after-sales service,"T-motor" perfect motors combined with the great successful marketing strategies of "TEAD" for Japanese market, which made T-motor products by storm. From ordinary consumers, professional industrial sections unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturers, to the well-known FPV designers,the famous university laboratory of unmanned aerial vehicle, everyone had given a high evaluation for T-motor products.The high stability, excellent product quality and workmanship have left a very deep impression on consumers.
In order to make "T-motor" products with more wide promotion in the Japanese market, also for a closer to consumers and collect the feedback from the consumers.From May 20 to May 22 2015, we would like to display the elegant produced by T-motor and TEAD for the first UAV festival in Japan with a new attitude and complete series products,the customers can make more communication face to face within 3 days,indeed it turn out to be the satisfied results.
Last but least ,we would like to extent our gratitude to "T-motor" joint work and great support to "TEAD".Congratulations on the successful opening for international unmanned aerial vehicle show.Also wish in the future cooperation, T-motor and TEAD,we can join hands,and goes for a higher and further in Japan,even for the whole international market!