ONYXSTAR FOX-C8HD by AltiGator, powered by T-Motor

Among a growing range of professional RPAS designed and manufactured by AltiGator, the OnyxStar
FOX-C8HD is successfully meeting the market's demand for a compact, reliable, powerful and versatile
multirotor with 8 coaxial rotors.
This ready-to-fly OnyxStar drone is made of a robust carbon frame and integrates the MikroKopter
electronics with GPS functionalities.

The key features of our drones are:
• GPS Flight Assistance and Autopilot
• Position and Altitude Hold, including Dynamic Position Hold
• BackHome, Emergency (multi-position) Failsafe Recovery, CareFree Mode, Geo-fencing
• Automatic take-off and landing
• Waypoint Flying, Position Save, Relative Waypoints
• Point of Interest (POI) 3D Waypoints
• Redundant Flight Control Systems possibility
• Automatic and Inverted Panoramas
• Flexible auto-trigger
• Automatic Camera Compensation
• Open Interface
• Voice Announcements and Logging of the Telemetry Data
• Modular infrastructure
• Backwards compatibility

And much more advanced features like: Boat Mode, Automatic calculation of the image overlap and
simplified mapping for photogrammetry, terrain mapping, topography, geomatics and 3D cartography,

The standard configuration that we propose includes (This drone is approved by the DGAC in France):
• XL carbon frame with special HD protection cage and dome for electronics
• Fixed landing gear of 390 mm clearance (or retractable in option)
• 8 motors T-motor U5 400kv in coaxial configuration (other T-motor models are also possible)
• High-end carbon propellers T-motor 17x5.8'' (other T-motor propellers sizes also possible)
• MikroKopter electronics: Flight-Ctrl, Navi-Ctrl, MKGPS v3, powerboard with integrated brushless
motors controllers
• Transmitter Graupner MC-32 HOTT PRO V-2 (16 channels) with receiver and pult
• 2 or 3 axis brushless camera gimbal (according to the sensor and the application) with Alexmos
stabilization board
• Live video transmission and ground station
• Batteries and charger
• Flight case
• Spares and accessories
Other models and configurations are available and may be adapted to each specific project.

We are not only drone manufacturers ...we can integrate for you a complete solution, including
many optional equipment like:
• Various camera gimbals or any customized mount, like the one for the YellowScan LIDAR, or for
any other specific sensor upon request
• Retractable landing gear
• Bluetooth connection (for tablet, smartphone,...)
• Follow-me kit
• Georeferencing & 3D modeling softwares: Smart3DCapture® Advanced Edition or Pix4DMapper
• Sensors: photo and/or video cameras, infrared thermal cameras, hyperspectral cameras, Ultralight
standalone lidar system for aerial laser scanning

Technical specifications of the OnyxStar FOX-C8HD:
• Frame diameter: 960 mm / Distance from motor to motor: 632 mm
• Net weight: 2980 g (without batteries and payload)
• Maximum recommended payload: 7 kg
• Range:
◦ Flight radius = depends on the used transmitter/receiver used and local regulations.
◦ Radius for WayPoint Flights / Follow-Me = Basic version 1000m Radius (more available,
depending on local regulation).
• Altitude control: up to 5000m AMSL
• Temperature range of use: -5°C to +35°C (+23F to +95F). Batteries lose power quicker in cold
weather. The flight time can be reduced as a result.
• Flight time: (see graph below)
Theoretical flight time chart with 2 x 16000mAh/6S batteries:


Our UAVs are used for the following applications:
• aerial photography and filming for cinema or television
• mapping, topography, 3D cartography, photogrammetry, orthophotos, orthoimages
• architecture and civil engineering, real estate market
• heat balance and energy performance
• inspection and monitoring of industrial sites
• inspection of historical sites, archeology
• counting and observing livestock
• agricultural and scientific research, environmental survey
• public safety and rescue
• …
Among the hundreds of professionals who are relying upon us, we can mention the department of
topographical research at the Polytechnic University of Athens (Greece), the department of Urban
Development at SPW (Service Public de Wallonie – Belgium), the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries
Research (Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek) (Belgium), the Deutsches
GeoforschungsZentrum GFZ (Germany), the INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique –
France), Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche – Area della Ricerca di Pisa (Italy), Institut National de
Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour l’Environnement et l’Agriculture (IRSTEA – France),
Atyges (Spain), Tellus environnement, Action Drones, LuxAnt group (France), L'Avion Jaune SARL
(France), Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT – Greece) and many other operators...