It was time to start with a balance test of the props. In the past we used several other carbon props from various manufacturers, which claimed to be perfectly balanced, but unfortunately they were not even close to that.
When we placed the first T-motor prop on a highly accurate magnetic prop balancer, we were surprised with the perfect balance. However, the final wow came after testing all 24 props and finding them all to be perfectly balanced 100%. That is truly impressive! The motors were perfectly finished, the bearings were really smooth and tight, and without any slack at all while we noticed the tight motor "steps" too. We installed the motors onto our custom coaxial carbon mounts and we were ready for the first take off. The motors spun for the first time, and the props cut the air like blades with a wonderful deep sound. The throttle reached the hover point and the octocopter took off. Wow! What a feeling! Smooth, linear power curve, torque and an amazing efficiency! For the first time we saw high efficiency resulting in the amps going down more than 30% for the same AUW! That immediately translated into more than 30% longer flight time, cooler speed controllers, cooler motors, and cooler LiPos too! Shortly after the test flight and fine tuning of the platform, we traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the first project with the AX8. We were honored to shoot aerial scenes for the amazing Royal Wedding of Sheikha Lateefa. A few weeks later we travelled and shot in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and then in Greece for a National Television Network documentary. Overseas to Brazil and then back to Europe and Italy for the International Moto Cross Grant Prix - MXGP Championship with LIVE Full HD broadcasting!! We travelled and flew in 3 continents and 7 countries, in only the first 4 months of 2014. In all those great international events, our new AX8 performed like a charm powered by T-motors and proved great reliability as well as efficiency. In the near future we are going to announce more international projects, more technology and more multirotor platforms! Stay tuned and let your vision take off!