Tiger motors on the leading edge of performance--Richard Shelton

Besides the obvious dynamic design and craftsmanship of tiger motors, they maintain an outstanding name in the multicopter community and maintain a place on the forefront of the latest technology.
I believe tiger motor offers the highest quality, top performing motor in the multicopter industry.
Personally, my two favorite motors are the t-motor 4006 740kv and the t-motor 2216 V2 1100kv. These motors will provide your multicopter with a performance enhanced flight that includes;
  • The highest quality bearings
  • Balanced motors (that need no adjustment)
  • No vibration
  • Excellent thrust
In my opinion the t-motor 4006 740kv motor is visually the most stunning motor in the industry (and the best selling motor on my website). The 740kv motor performs with maximum efficiency while maintaining a high performance thrust.  I have found this motor best suitable with long flight aerial photograhpy.
The application I prefer for the 740kv motor is the 4s battery with a 600mm-700mm size frame and fitted with a 11”-12” tiger props.
The t-motor 2216 V2 1100kv has a well executed design and is by far my favorite motor for fast sport/ acrobatic flying. The 1100kv motor will give you major thrust while achieving maximum speed. In my experience with sport flying/acrobatic flights i have reached speeds of 80mph.

The best application i have found for the 1100kv v2 2216 t-motor is the 4s battery equipped with an 8”-9” props and either the team black sheep discovery or qav 400 frame.
In my opinion there is no other motor on the market that can compare to tiger motor!
Richard Shelton