Special offer for the year-end 2014(first stage)

How time flies,we are embracing the year-end of 2014,and T-motor would like to express our utmost gratitude to all of our loyal customers for your great support for T-motor.

Hereby, we are happy to announce the latest promotions (first stage) for year-end that will allow more people to experience the great joy of our safest propulsion system.

Original price Promotion price
1 MN4014 KV400 -- 2PCS/SET 194.9 159.8
2 MT2216 KV900 -- 2PCS/SET 109.8 79.8
3 MT2216 KV800 -- 2PCS/SET 109.8 79.8
4 MT2216 KV1100 -- 2PCS/SET  109.8 79.8
5 MT2814 KV710 antigravity 2PCS/SET 131.8 99.9
6 MT2814 KV770 antigravity 2PCS/SET 131.8 99.9

(Attention:The purchasing valid time start from 1st Oct 2014 to 15th Nov 2014,the promotion activity
 valid time starts from 1st Oct 2014 to 31th Dec 2014 the above items are on promotion.
The price should be swift back to the original price on Jan 1st 2015.)

If you snooze,you lose!