CAMTOOL alpha 1 powered by T-motor GB54-1

For a long time, camera accessories were limited to lenses and tripod. There was no innovation but constant upgrade in lens technology and finally it has reached its peak. Now camera equipment had to find a new solution to develop itself from the current state. CAMTOOL alpha 1 started with the hope to provide a new breed of air into camera industry, a stabilizer that shows the world that was never known before, providing a new perspective towards the world that we see.
For this cause, we have started to test our product and gave our utmost effort to make a product that is truly excellent went it comes to design and performance. Within this effort, the help and support of T-motor played a vital role. The reasons that CAMTOOL alpha 1’s blue print is designed exclusively for T-motor are

  1. Beautifully designed exterior
  2. Compact yet powerful torque and steady performance
  3. Reduced DC motor noise
  4. Teflon coated slip ring that is strong when it is soldered
  5. Enables cable-less design of CAMTOOL alpha 1
For the best stabilizer, we needed the best motor and we proudly recommend the use of T-motor.   

Merits of alpha 1

  1. Cable-less design (enabled by the use of slip-ring from T-motor)
  2. Controller and sensor inserted within the gimbal making it shock proof and moisture proof
  3. External power supply socket is provided
  4. 6 cell heavy duty batteries are inserted within the pipe of the gimbal
  5. Easy CG (Center of Gravity) setting
  6. All operation made possible while filming
  7. Stands by itself without additional accessory
  8. Made of duralumin used in aircraft carriers
  9. Fully engineered and manufactured in Korea
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